What do they smell like?

OK, so remember that old saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? Well, as you can see in the YouTube video, there were some fragrances that left me wanting more, and other fragrances that I really did not care for. So, after a good nights sleep, and all the morning chores complete I sat down, sniffed and made notes 🙂


#1 – Bakery, Yeasty, Buttery – is there a hint of popcorn in there?

#2 – Christmas? Pine accents? – Mixed Wreath…… (I give this one 3 stars)

#3 – Cleaning product, medicinal

#4 – Grape-y, Cranberry-y, Mulberry-y…..(I gave this one 2 stars)

#5 – Manly, Tobacco? Cedar? Woods?

#6 – Dirt

#7 – Polynesian Island vacation ….(5 STARS! My favorite so far!)

#8 – Fruity florals……(I gave this one 3 stars)

Now let’s see how these work in Goat’s Milk Products!

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