Fun around the farm…..


On my way to the garden this morning, to collect the day’s vegetables, something caught my eye as I passed by this particular bird house.

Earlier in the Spring, a mother bird had hatched a clutch of chicks in a similar house just a little further down the fence row, and their chirping had caught my attention while I worked in the herb garden.  Isn’t it funny how oftentimes we are oblivious to what is around us, but God makes us take notice, subliminally, to little things that give us a blessing?

This little frog was just simply relaxing and basking in the sun in the penthouse suite of this little bird house.  It made me take time to stop and do the same.  Oftentimes, we are in such a hurry in life to get things done, that we don’t take the time to stop and relax and simply glorify The Lord for His goodness!

This little frog, had found himself a quiet place and was simply basking the light of the sun – we should learn from this little frog, to simply take time to find ourselves a quiet place and bask in the light of THE SON!

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